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Your payroll and human resources solution

Your payroll and human resources solution

Your payroll and human resources solutionYour payroll and human resources solution



We love processing payrolls. It's what we do!

We know you didn't start your business to do payroll and tax compliance, but we did! We love it and we are proud of what we do.  We provide you with peace of mind because processing payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Payroll functions can include anything from determining competitive employee wages and withholding the correct taxes, to paid time off and garnishments. We keep up with all of the constantly changing federal, state and local payroll tax and compliance so you don't have to.  If all of that didn't sound fun to you then you are talking to the right people.  That is our fun.  We are excited to do your payroll for you. 


Benefits for Your Employees

Is your business too small to get affordable benefits for your employees? When you partner with PERMCO HR, you pool your employees with our other small business customers to be able to enroll in affordable plans of health insurance, retirement, dental, vision and other supplemental insurance coverage.  

We administer all the paperwork of the plan including enrolling employees, paying the health plan invoices, making changes to the employee health plan if they have a qualifying event (birth, death, marriage, etc.), and COBRA if they leave your employ. If your employees have questions about their health plan, they may contact us and we will guide them through any issues they may experience.  Sounds fun, right? Still no, then you are still in the right place.  We love helping your employees get the proper coverage for their family! 


Your HR department

In addition to payroll and benefit services, PERMCO HR can administer or provide assistance with worker’s compensation and state unemployment benefits and audits. We are trained in worker’s compensation law and claims administration as well as unemployment claims administration.   

We also offer drug testing services: random, pre-employment, for-cause and post-accident.  We can tailor our Human Resources services to your needs. 

As you run your small business leave the worry of payroll and human resource compliance to us. We become your HR Department. We pride ourselves on friendly and quality service.  We love the work we do and we would love to help you grow your business.  Call us at 270-825-5060 and let's talk about how we can make your job more fun.